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Resources for the Single Source Contract Regulations

Legislation: Defence Reform Act & Single Source Contract Regulations

Defence Reform Act 2014 - click following link - Document

Defence Reform Act 2014 - Explanatory Notes - Document

Single Source Contract Regulations 2014 - click following link - Document  


SSRO Statutory Guidance on Allowable Cost

Allowable Costs:Single Source Cost Standards - Statutory Guidance on Allowable Costs July 2016 - click following link - DOCUMENT


SSRO Statutory Guidance on adjustments to the Baseline Profit Rate

BPR Adjustments:Guidance on adjustments to the Baseline Profit Rate March 2016 - click following link - DOCUMENT



SSRO Answers: Non-Statutory Guidance 

SSRO Answers Version 21 31st March 2017 - Click the following link - DOCUMENT



Please click on the following links.

Relevant to regulated contracts

DEFCON 800 Edn. 12/14  - Qualifying Defence Contract

DEFCON 801 Edn. 12/14 - Amendments to Qualifying Defence Contracts -Consolidated versions

DEFCON 802 Edn. 12/14 - QDC:Open Book on Subcontracts that are not Qualifying Subcontracts

DEFCON 803 Edn. 12/14 - QDC:Disapplication of Protections against excessive profits or losses (PEPL)

DEFCON 804 Edn. 03/15 - QDC: Confidentiality of Single Source Contract Regulations Information 


Relevant to unregulated contracts

DEFCON 811 Edn. 12/14 - Single Source: Profit & Loss Sharing on Firm/Fixed Price Contracts

DEFCON 812 Edn. 04/15 - Single Source Open Book

DEFCON 813 Edn. 12/14 - Single Source Contract Reports and Notifications

DEFCON 814 Edn. 12/14 - Single Source Confidentiality of Open Book & Reporting Information

DEFCON 815 Edn. 04/15 - Contract Pricing Statement - Single Source Non-qualifying contracts


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