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SSRO - Qualifying Defence Contract  (QDC) and Qualifying Sub-Contract (QSC) Statistics and Analysis

SSRO Quarterly and Annual Statistics and Compliance Report


Quarterly and Annual QDC / QSC statistics and analysis  

The SSRO publishes quarterly and annual statistics with regard to the operation of the pricing regime. These provide useful statistics for example with regard to the expected or budgeted profitability of industry under QDC and QSC contracts and more recently as a greater number of contracts have been completed under the pricing regime the actual out-turn profitability of such contracts.


Annual Compliance Reports 

The SSRO produces a annual compliance report that examines for the year in question the extent to which reports due under the pricing regime have been (a) delivered on time and (b) achieve the required quality.  The report also highlights the extent to which the submitted reports are being reviewed by the SSRO and the UK MoD.