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Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

We are always pleased to work with clients to undertake a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to more formally identify the training needs of the client's organisation. We can either carry out or assist our client to carry out a TNA that would normally follow the following seven steps.

(1) Establish the existing competencies of the organisation's staff

(2) Establish the business objectives/needs of the organisation

(3) Establish the skills gap between existing staff competencies and competencies required to meet business objectives/needs

(4) Establish the best method of training to address the identified skills gap

(5) Establish the cost of the required training - contrast this against business value of having staff with the improved skills

(6) Develop a plan to implement the training, including how the organisation can measure the training benefit in practice.

(7) Implement training & measure benefits. Adjust training plan as required.

Training Needs Analysis Documentation

We have a number of templates available that can assist the above process in respect of establishing commercial and contractual competencies.