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 Qualifying Defence Contracts - Record Keeping 

The DRA includes a requirement for contractors to maintain records which are up to date & accurate. The MOD may access the records for the following purposes:

1)   To audit the reports the contractor is required to provide under the DRA and

2)   To: 

a)     Verify that a cost being incurred is an allowable cost 

b)     Verify the reason for variances between estimated and actual allowable costs

c)     Monitor the contractor’s performance of its contractual obligations 

d)     Determine if a sub-contract is or should rightly have been a Qualifying Sub-Contract

To access the records the MOD must give the contractor twenty (20) working days’ notice of its requirement to examine the records.

If the contractor feels that the MOD is unreasonably utilising its use of these access rights, the contractor may refer the matter to the SSRO.