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Qualifying Defence Contract Reporting

A major element of the single source contract regulations is the increased level of pricing transparency required from the contractor during the pre-contract and post contract award stages

In respect of any Qualifying Defence Contract the contractors must complete a minimum set of "standard form" reports that assist the Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO) and the UK MoD to understand and analysis the contractor's cost and pricing data.

The majority of the reporting is also applicable to a sub-contractor holding a Qualifying Sub-contract

Note: The SSRO is in the process of implementing a revised reporting system that is intended to broadly capture the same content as described below. The updated system is called the Defence Contracts Analysis and Reporting System (DefCARS 2). To quote the SSRO "Key improvements to DefCARS 1 include moving from excel based-templates to online web-forms, increasing auto-population and reducing duplicated fields in reports. A single comprehensive user guide is available and will also be built into report web-forms via interactive guidance information prompts."

(a) Pricing Model - recorded in the Contract Pricing Statement (CPS)

The pricing model for the Qualifying Defence Contract is held in the Contract Pricing Statement or "CPS". The CPS is updated as and when any additional work is added to the Qualifying Defence Contract. The CPS is linked to the Defined Pricing Structure a form of work breakdown structure The Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO) has published sixteen different forms of Defined Pricing Structure covering for example:

Defined Pricing Structure for Armoured Fighting Vehicles

Defined Pricing Structure for Submarines

Defined Pricing Structure for Helicopters 

The Defined Pricing Structure covers the complete contract scope including any in-service support element of the contract

(b) Other QDC Reporting

Contract Start-Up & Progress Reports

  • Contract Reporting Plan (CRP)
  • Contract Notification Report (CNR)
  • Quarterly Contract Report (QCR) (Contracts of £50M+)
  • Interim Contract Report (ICR)  (Replaces QCR for contracts <£50m)

Completion of Contract Reports

  • Contract Completion Report (CCR)
  • Contract Costs Statement (CCS)

On-Demand Contract Report

  • On-Demand Contract Report (ODCR) 

Report Delivery Schedule

 Report Description (Note 2)

 Timescales for contract report delivery

CPS, CRP, CNR Within one month of contract award (Note 1)
QCR Quarterly
ICR Annually or periodically as agreed otherwise default period applies
CCR Within six months of contract completion
CCS Within twelve months of contract completion

Note 1: Industry will normally want to complete these documents prior to contract award to confirm the contract scope.

Note 2: The SSRO has issued templates & user guide publications to assist industry with the preparation of the above reports.

SSRO Guidance & Publications

Link to SSRO Publications page for Reporting Templates and User Guides

Link to SSRO Publications page for Defined Pricing Structure - Principles Guidance