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Pricing of UK MoD Single Source Contracts - TrainingTraining Overview

Whether you have a problem to solve, or a specific training program requirement, contact us and we will begin working together to achieve your goal. 

We have a record of working successfully with organisations operating in the UK Defence market to provide training to help them more fully understand the Defence Reform Act , the Single Source Contract (pricing) Regulations (SSCRs) and the statutory guidance issued by the Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO) that collectively contain the pricing obligations that contractors undertaking single source contracts must comply with subject to the single source contract (or sub-contract) in question meeting certain qualifying criteria. We also seek to identify actions that can be taken to minimise the impact of the new pricing framework on the profitability of the organisation.

There is a lot of planning and preparatory work that can be undertaken in advance of receipt of an ITN from the UK MoD that is likely to result in a Qualifying Defence Contract being established. Likewise if you expect to receive an ITN from a main contractor for a sub-contract that is likely to be determined to be a Qualifying Sub-Contract then again  much upfront planning & preparatory work can also be undertake. Our training course will help identify areas that can be addressed.

UK MoD Contract Terms and Conditions Training

The UK MoD issued Invitation to Tender (ITT ) or Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) will incorporate the draft UK MoD contract terms and conditions and training is available in this respect if required in addition to the pricing training.