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Our clients for our Single Source Procurement Regulations training & consultancy

Defcon Training Limited has been providing training courses covering the Single Source Procurement Regulations since 2015. Over this time the training course has been updated and revised to keep pace with the changes to the legislation and the published Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO) statutory guidance.

Over the eight year period from 2015 - 2023 training courses have been delivered to a variety of organisations including high profile 1st and 2nd tier defence prime contractors and subcontractors, SME's and law firms.

It is worth noting that although only contracts that exceed a specific value threshold are subject to the Single Source Procurement Regulations, where single source contracts fall below this threshold and hence are outside the regulatory framework, the UK MoD is nonetheless  seeking via the use of defence conditions of contract (DEFCONS) to obtain very similar pricing and data transparency rights as its obtains under the regulatory framework in lower value single source contracts. Defence contractors must therefore be equally familiar with the above referenced DEFCONS as they are with the statutory framework and hence our training courses address the pricing of both regulated and unregulated single source contracts.