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Pricing of Qualifying Defence Contracts under the Single Source Contract Regulations 

Welcome to Defcon Training Limited's dedicated website related to the pricing of UK MoD single source contracts. Single source contracts arise due to a decision made by the UK MoD to pursue a single source procurement strategy for the acquisition of a specific capability or product.

The United Kingdom Defence Reform Act 2014 (Part 2) & associated Single Source Contract Regulations 2014 (together with the Single Source Contract (Amendment) Regulations 2018 & the Single Source Contract (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 2018 currently provide the regulatory framework for the pricing of UK MoD single source contracts (non-competitive contracts). The Single Source Contract (Amendment) Regulations 2019 that came into force in September 2019 further amend the applicable legislation.The Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO) is the appointed regulator and issues supporting statutory guidance. A contract between the UK MoD and a main (prime) contractor that meets the necessary criteria to be governed by the new regulations is known as a Qualifying Defence Contract or QDC. A sub-contract that meets the necessary criteria to be governed by the new requlations is known as a Qualifying Sub-Contract or QSC.  

We provide a number of training & consultancy services to help industry become familiar with and deal effectively with the new single source procurement pricing framework.

Training Services for Pricing of Single Source Contracts 

We provide in depth "on-site" training courses to help our clients to fully understand the pricing and other implications of the new Defence Reform Act, the associated Single Source Contract Regulations (SSCRs) and statutory guidance issued by the Single Source Regulations Office (SSRO). 

Bid Support Services for Qualifying Defence Contracts

We provide specialist support to help our clients make an attractive value for money (VFM) offer to their customer for a Qualifying Defence Contract or Qualifying Sub-Contract while operating within the single source contract pricing regulatory framework. We can also support the bid preparation through acting as an independent "red team" reviewer or drafting the commercial proposal and supporting subsequent tender negotiation and contract performance phases of a project.

Consultancy Services for the single source contract regulations

We can provide consultancy services on an hourly or daily basis via e-mail, telephone, Skype or at the clients premises.

Sub-Contract Development

We can assist our clients to develop  sub-contract procurement terms that correctly flow down appropriate contract terms and conditions associated with the new UK MoD single source procurement framework for both Qualifying Sub-Contracts and those "un-regulated" sub-contracts that are not governed by the regulatory framework but are likely to be subject to UK MoD DEFCON conditions.


Maintaining Qualifying Defence Contract Margins 

Contract margins are under attack as a result of the new pricing regulations. With many years experience in the Aerospace and Defence industry we are able to help our clients minimise the impact of the new single source contract regulations upon their trading margins.